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I'm Crawford. I'm a golf idiot.

I was born in Northern Ireland, raised in France and now live in Hertfordshire, so I'm very confused. 

I was given the gift of golf by my grandfather when a young boy back in Ireland and while for a short time the passion flourished it was soon abandoned in my teenage years when wine, women and song revealed themselves to be much less hard work. 

The odd round was had in my 20's but when my grandfather passed away in 2010 I took the old set of clubs I found in his garage and started playing again more regularly. I soon rediscovered that childhood love and within six months I was at a self-help group for golf addicts. I've been in trouble ever since.

I am a terrible golfer, but love the game and playing the courses of any far-flung part of the world I find myself in. Being naturally opinionated and full of my own self-importance I started writing about my experiences and thoughts, so I decided to collect them all into one place, here. You may find the odd travel piece of mine scattered among various publications around the world but this is a place unencumbered by the restraints of commerce and politics, so I can pretty much say whatever I like. Raw and, largely, unedited. I'll probably get sued! 


I'm a member at Essendon Country Club in Hertfordshire, UK. In my spare non-golfing time I produce films and write. I'm also one half of the podcast Not The Golf Show, along with Robert Cross.

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