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I am, at heart, a modernizer. When the time came a few years ago for me to join a club I had a choice of three local tracks. The one I joined was the one where I could wear what I liked in the clubhouse, denim included. The one were I could use my mobile phone, even on...


An Essay On Declining Golf Club Membership (Part 1… probably)

It’s hard to read a golf magazine these days without some lament about declining golf club membership. It’s been on a downward spiral for years and although there has been some recent stabilisation, there are...


I should first come clean and admit that I was born in Northern Ireland and that although I left at the age of 13 I still spend a fair amount of time there. I learnt to play golf at Lisburn Golf Club, where my grandfather bought me some junior clubs and pretended to th...


We invented golf. Well, the Scottish did, really. But the ‘British’ made it what it is today – an elitist sport enjoyed by rich people more interested in excluding others than actually hitting balls. This British take was imported by Americans, who have, for over 100 y...


The weather. We British have a preoccupation with it. It has been the hot topic since time immemorial but in fairness that is understandable. Any people who live in a temperate climate with such changeable weather are tossed around on the raging sea of its capricious v...

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So we come once again to that time of year when many put their clubs away. I like to play through the winter, albeit on a reduced schedule, but what do you do to keep on top of your swing?

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